Do you think of yourself as an Achiever? If you are reading this, then I think of you as an Achiever, a woman who seeks purpose and fulfillment in her life. If you don’t identify yourself as an Achiever, could it be because you are comparing yourself to others? Your achievements cannot be held up […]

What Is an Achiever?

December 15, 2020

I have to be honest. The political strife, social unrest, global warming and worsening COVID crisis has gotten to me. I feel emotions I’m not used to feeling – frustration, rage, despair and grave concern for the state of our world. It is, in a word, crushing. My emotions are dangerous because they contribute to the […]

The Power of Happy Memories

November 2, 2020

Just a few years ago a friend launched a podcast editing business. “What’s a podcast?” I asked her. “Who has time to listen to these things?” The sad truth is that I was serious. Today, I am an avid consumer of podcasts. Rarely will you find me without one broadcasting from my iPhone or mainlining […]

Fear Is a Choice

May 23, 2020