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You know that gnawing feeling inside that whispers "there has to be more than this." Perhaps you have a dream you're already working toward realizing but it's not moving along as you thought it would. Or, you may be like I once was, knowing that there was something else, but not knowing what "IT" was. I've been in all those places and I can help you see your way out of them.

There will never be the "right" time to push forward and get out of your own way. Those nay-saying voices that tell you you're not good enough? That you aren't an expert? That you're an imposter? I call those dragons..They breathe down your back and paralyze you. It doesn't have to be this way. You were made for more. You were made for IT. Let's do it!

You can feel "it"... 

What's your"it"?

Keynote Speaking
Motivational presentations laced with personal stories to engage, inspire and give permission to pursue your "IT." Corporate, community, private groups – I'd love to speak to you.

Top Floor Women
A free networking group for women to meet monthly and enjoy a featured speaker. Top Floor Women inspires achievement through connection.

Personal Styling
As you transform your life, why not freshen your style? Join me for a shopping trip focused on making you look and feel magnificent — because you are!

The Achievers Circle
A virtual gathering place for high-achieving women (that's you!) motivated to live life on their own terms. Join our group of like-minded women. I'll be on live with you at least once a week.

Journey 2 Joy (J2J)

A 4-Week intensive master series to help you identify your "IT" and live the life you were meant live. This is an experiential program with actionable tools to help you achieve success!

Reinvention Retreats

Get-aways for just us ladies! Sounds like fun, doesn't it? These retreats will offer coaching, yoga, outdoor activities, healthy food and quality time just for you, away from all other responsibilities.

Here's how we can work together

The Wabi Sabi Emotional Tracker is a powerful tool to reveal critical patterns of habitual thoughts and emotions. As thinking, feeling beings, how do we optimize our experience in this lifetime? The answer is first by getting to know ourselves. Change begins with awareness. How do we think? How do we feel? And most importantly, why do we think and feel these ways? I designed the Tracker to help you quickly and easily uncover what's holding you back from achieving your "IT."

Ebook: Wabi sabi emotional Tracking system


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